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Accountability and responsibility 

Am I a nurse 24/7?

Working without registration 

​As a nurse, your actions matter. At work, you’re responsible for acting professionally and being accountable for your own practice. But how does this professional responsibility translate to your life outside of work?

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Frequently Asked Question

Conflict of interest


A company supplying products to our agency has offered funding for nursing education. Would it be a conflict to accept it?


Use careful judgment when determining whether to accept a gift of this sort. Consider:

  • the motives of the giver
  • any constraints, conditions, or obligations attached to the gift
  • the potential for a conflict of interest
  • organizational policy

Gifts from commercial sources have the potential to create an obligation and a loss of objectivity.

For example, could this funding influence the content or activities of the nursing education? Or could the funding influence the products you choose to use or recommend? Identifying and discussing the issues will help raise awareness of possible conflicts and assist in your decision-making.

The Conflict of Interest practice standard provides more information and direction.

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