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Practice Support

We can help you with questions about scope of practice or other professional practice matters.

Regulatory practice consultation

If you’re facing a practice situation, have questions about your scope of practice or other standards, you can talk with a Regulatory Practice Consultant.

Our​ Regulatory Practice Consultants are registered nurses. Consultation is available by:

Consultation is provided on matters within CRNBC’s mandate, including legislation, scope of practice and standards. ​

 Privacy and Information Sharing

Regulatory practice consultation is confidential within the limits of the Health Professions Act  and the CRNBC Standards of Practice. All practice consultations are documented in an electronic record and the information may be accessed and relied on by CRNBC staff for the purpose of carrying out the work of the College, including registration, inquiry and discipline processes.

Nurses who work at CRNBC are obligated to report in writing to CRNBC's Nursing Concerns Coordinator if they have good reason to believe that the continued practice of a nurse might constitute a danger to the public.

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