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Student Representative Program

With a vision of building a foundation for professional practice, this volunteer program offers nursing students the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the CRNBC Stan​dards of Practice and other resources
  • Develop as a peer resource and professional role model
  • Learn about issues affecting professional nursing practice
  • Network with other CRNBC volunteers
  • Grow professionally

The program operates across B.C. in 18 educational institutions offering nursing education programs, includes over 200 students and is supported by the education program, faculty and your CRNBC Nursing Practice Advisor.

As a student representative, you can expect to meet regularly with other student reps and participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Participating in discussions on topics such as ethics, confidentiality and duty to report
  • Sharing CRNBC resources such as practice standards with your fellow students.
  • Assisting fellow students with issues such as consent, documentation and medication administration.
  • Acting as a communication link between fellow students and CRNBC.

Interested in learning more or becoming a student rep? Talk to your education program administrator, faculty liaison or contact the Practice Support Department at CRNBC.

 Contact us

  • ​​Telephone 604.736.7331 ext. 332
  • Toll-free in Canada 1.800.565.6505
  • Email

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