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Fee schedules for CRNBC registration fees and services

​​ Only registration fees are eligible for a refund.

Application for registr​​​ation fees by application submission date (plus GST)

Registered nurse​

March 1, 2018 – Feb. ​28, 2019​ 
B.C. registered nurse applicant assessment  $165
Canadian registered nurse applicant assessment $275 
International registered nurse applicant assessment ​​​ $575


Nu​rse practitioner

March 1, 2018 – Feb. ​28, 2019 
B.C. nurse practitioner applicant assessment $190 
Canadian nurse practitioner applicant assessment $355 
International nurse practitioner applicant assessment $​​35
Nurse practitioner competency assessment process $7,700 


Employed student registrant

March 1, 2018 – Feb. ​28, 2019 
Employed student registrant applicant $110​ 

Examination fees by scheduled e​​xam date

Nurse practitioner

March 1, 2018 – Feb. ​28, 2019​ 
Nurse practitioner Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) $2,200 
OSCE re-score $220​ 

Renewal and initial​ regi​​stration fees

The applicable annual CRNBC fee for the registration year is pro-rated to calculate both refunds and registration fees for short-term registration periods within the registration year. The annual CNPS and ARNBC fees are paid only once per registration year and are non-refundable and not pro-rated.

If you are a current or former CRNBC registrant, leaving or returning to nursing practice,​ click here for more information. ​

Registered nurse

March 1, 2018 –
Feb. ​28, 2019
Practising — RN, licensed graduate nurse, temporary RN, provisional RN $595.20 
Non-practising — RN, LGN ​$87.60​ 

Nurse practitioner

March 1, 2018 –
Feb. ​28, 2019
Practising — NP, temporary NP, provisional NP $850.03 
Non-practising ​$120.45​ 

Employed student registrant

March 1, 2018 –
Feb. ​28, 2019
Employed student registrant renewal  $225.50

Other fees (plus GST)


March 1, 2018 –
Feb. ​28, 2019
Status change $100 
Status change surcharge (practising without registration) $300 
Verification or copying $50 


 2018 fees

​Fees are increasing for 2018-19. Learn more​

 Request a refund

You can change your registration status, which may entitle you to a refund. There is a $100 non-refundable change status fee. For more information, visit Leaving or returning to nursing practice

 Your 2017 tax receipt is now available

Sign in​​ to your account to view your available tax receipts.​​​

You can also download tax receipts from previous years.​

As of September 2015, it became possible for pro-rated refunds if you downgraded your registration status to non-practising or inactive. Because the total amount you pay may vary throughout the year, your tax receipt is now only available after the current calendar year ends.

​Your CRNBC tax receipt includes the total annual amount paid for registration and r​​​​eflects refunds received during the year. ​
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