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Registration & renewal

Anyone wanting to practise as an RN or NP in B.C. must have current practising registration.


For first-time applicants

Registered Nurse Application

Nurse Practitioner Application

More Applications

 Provisional registration

 Check application status

The check application status feature is not available at this time. If you have questions about the status of your application, please


CRNBC's practice year is March 1 – Feb. 28
(Feb. 29 in a leap year)

Registered Nurses

Nurse Practitioners

 Returning to work?

Reinstatement & Conversion​​

Former registrants can apply for practising or non-practising registration.

Non-practising registrants can apply to convert to practising registration.

​​Criminal Record Check​​

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Tax recei​pts

Sign in to your account and click the Tax Receipt tab, located on the left-hand column.

V​​​erification & document transfer requests


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