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Returning to nursing practice

Preparing to return to nursing practice

Reinst​​ating your registration

​Before you apply to change your registration status to practising, there are a few important things to know:

  • Only nurses with practising registration status can work or volunteer as a nurse in B.C.​ 
  • For nurses who do not meet the basic practice hour requirement, please see the Re-entry Fact Sheet for important information.​​ 
  • If you worked in another jurisdiction, after you apply to change your CRNBC registration status, we'll send you forms that need to be completed by your employer(s) and regulatory body/bodies.

  • When did you last hold practising registration? If it has been longer than 90 days then you must submit a notarized Statutory Declaration (Form 11) with your change status application. 
  • If you are a nurse practitioner, please see NP: returning to practice.

 Ready to start?

If you have your documents ready (read middle column), you're ready​ to begin:

  • Sig​n into your account.​
  • Select "Change status" to start the process. You may have to complete a crimina​l record check if you haven't completed one in the past five years​

 Delays & complex applications

Please have have all the necessary documents and information on hand before beginning the registration process. 

​Complex applications take longer to review and process. 

 Scenarios for returning to work

​We created several scenarios and FAQs to provide an overview of how the change status process works. Read scenarios and FAQs


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