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Complaints and concerns

As a patient, you want knowledgeable, trustworthy and respectful caregivers. Registered nurses take pride in their ability to build trusting relationships.

RNs understand the importance of acknowledging and respecting your values, opinions, needs and cultural beliefs. They know that how they react to you affects the quality of the nurse-patient relationship and the outcome of the care you receive. They understand the importance of protecting your privacy and will ensure that your health information remains confidential.

RNs are responsible for maintaining professional relationships with patients and their families. They recognize the unique privileges they have in these relationships because of their knowledge, position in the health care system and influence over the quality of care that patients receive.

In British Columbia, any regulated health care professional is obliged by law to report any unsafe practice or professional misconduct of another health professional that ​person's regulatory body. This is called Duty to Report and is a part of the Health Professions Act.

If you have a complaint or concern about a registered nurse or nurse practitioner, you can take your concerns to CRNBC. Your concerns are important to us and we are committed to assisting you. ​

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