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Regulation in the 21st century: we are all connected

CRNBC welcomes review findings from UK’s Professional Standards Authority

posted May 12, 2016

CRNBC in 2015 invited the United Kingdom’s Professional Standards Authority to conduct an audit of our regulatory processes. The audit benchmarks our performance against other regulators around the world, to confirm where we are performing well and to identify areas for improvement.

The Authority’s review examined the college’s approach to and compliance with 33 standards of good regulation covering four regulatory functions (Guidance and Standards, Education, Registration, and Complaints)—as well as governance. The review was carried out between July 2015 and April 2016.

CRNBC staff spent several months compiling an extensive report ahead of the Authority’s visit in November 2015. During their three weeks in Vancouver, the three Authority staff had a full schedule: meeting with CRNBC staff, observing board and committee meetings, and meeting with a range of stakeholders representing government, health authorities, other health regulations, nursing unions, associations and others.

CRNBC received the Authority’s final report in May 2016. We are pleased today to release the findings of this review.

What’s working well?

The Authority’s review of CRNBC’s performance and governance found that we are fulfilling our statutory responsibilities, and identified three areas where the college is performing particularly well:

  • Our Quality Assurance program: The Authority found our process of ongoing professional development, which includes a variety of developmental activities, to be of a very high calibre.
  • The Registrar’s pioneering of a more collaborative and unified approach to regulation with other health professional regulators and the two other B. C. nursing regulators was also identified as a strength.
  • The Authority commended CRNBC efforts to identify ways to innovate our regulatory approach, and build on our published work on developing a relational regulatory philosophy.

Where can we do even better?

One of CRNBC’s main goals in requesting this review was to identify areas in which we can improve. Nurses are continually improving in their practice, through self-refection, peer feedback, and professional development planning. As a regulator, we think the same approach is required.

In this spirit, the Authority identified four areas where CRNBC can make improvements:

  • Improvements to transparency in relation to the College’s work, and in keeping with the College’s regulatory philosophy
  • Greater engagement with patients and the public to inform and comment on the College's regulatory approach
  • An overarching quality control system to allow the College to deliver a program of continuous improvement
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of our activities and whether they are achieving the desired aims.

How will CRNBC respond to these recommendations?

CRNBC does not do its work in isolation. We are part of a complex network of people and organizations striving to ensure patients receive safe, equitable health care. As a regulator, we are also part of a broader community. It’s important that we keep current with best practices, always strive to get better, and learn from our colleagues around the world.

We will be working with our board, staff, and stakeholders over the coming weeks and months to review and implement the Authority’s recommendations, in our work and our strategic planning for the future. We will also be reaching out to our partners to find ways to leverage these findings to effect change within the BC healthcare regulatory environment.

The report’s recommendations are particularly timely, as they will help inform how we approach the creation and implementation of a new regulatory body with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions on the report. Please email to share your thoughts.

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