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My Professional Plan - 2018

​posted Oct. 17, 2017

This summer, CRNBC soft launched our new quality assurance app, My Professional Plan. Nearly 700 registrants trialed the application and used it to gather multisource feedback. We're really pleased with the results: nurses report that feedback from their colleagues, submitted via survey and presented in an easy-to-use, anonymized report, helped them identify areas of their practice for professional development to achieve high practice standards and maintain competence.

Looking ahead to 2018

Starting in January 2018, each year we'll be rolling out multisource feedback to 20% of all practising registrants. Once every five years, you, as a registrant, will complete multisource feedback to meet your quality assurance requirements. During the other four years, you'll continue to seek colleague feedback as you always have.

How does it work?

It's simple. After you complete your registration renewal, you'll be directed into My Professional Plan. Enter the email addresses of colleagues you'd like to complete a questionnaire about your observable behaviours. And that's it! CRNBC takes care of the rest, including reminders to your colleagues to complete their questionnaires, collating the feedback, and reflecting it back to you in an easy-to-use report. 

How will I know when it's my year?

If it's your year to complete multisource feedback, you'll be notified in early December 2017 and be reminded when you log in to renew your registration. Once you've had practising status confirmed at registration renewal, those registrants undertaking multisource feedback in 2018 will be guided into My Professional Plan to begin the multisource feedback process.

Please note you must successfully complete renewal (status granted) before you will be able to invite colleagues. It's a good idea to begin thinking about who you're going to ask before you begin registration renewal.  Colleagues can be nurses and/or other professionals you work with.

How do I provide feedback, if asked?

As a colleague you may be asked to provide feedback on a colleague on his or her practice, via an online questionnaire. If you agree to provide feedback, you'll receive an email from CRNBC with a link to an online questionnaire. Your responses will be collated and reported back to your colleague in an anonymized report. Be honest, respectful and, whenever possible, provide clear written feedback to complement your ratings. 

Feedback from non-nurse colleagues

Nurses work in a wide range of settings, often as part of a multi-disciplinary team. When you're approaching colleagues, we encourage you to invite non-RN or NP colleagues as well. Dietitians, occupational therapists, LPNs, pharmacists, physicians, managers, unit clerks or other professionals—all are part of the health care team, and may be good sources of feedback on your practice.

New QA section on website

We're currently improving the quality assurance section of the CRNBC website. We'll be launching soon—keep an eye on your inbox for news and updates.



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