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CRNBC reduces the 2018 registration renewal fee increase, after finalizing sale of its building

posted Dec. 22, 2017

CRNBC has completed the sale of its building on 2855 Arbutus Street, and will use a portion of the funds to pay the remaining three years of Supplemental Fees toward CNPS, totaling a payment of $92.13.

Please note: this reduction was implemented before registration renewal opened on Jan. 2, 2018.

After making this payment, CRNBC registrants will have fully paid into CNPS and will only pay the CNPS' base fee going forward, bringing them in line with nurses in other provinces.

As a result of CRNBC having paid for this 2018 renewal period's CNPS Supplemental Fee, RN, NP and ESR practicing registration fees will be reduced by $30.71 from those announced at the start of December. This was implemented before registration renewal was opened.

With the reduced fee increase, RNs will now pay $595.20, down from the previously announced $625.91; NPs will now pay $850.03, down from $880.74. For Employed student nurses they will now pay $225.50.

"As committed, CRNBC's Board considered options for ensuring that registrants saw a return after the sale of our building. As a result, the Board agreed that the most appropriate way to ensure that the funds were used responsibly was to pre-pay the retroactive amounts owed for professional liability protection – a service previously covered by CRNBC, and now managed by CNPS," said Rob Calnan, CRNBC Board Chair.

Updated - 2018-19 fee summary​

Registrant status CRNBC ARNBC PLP* Total
RN - practising $448.95 $110.55


Now $35.70

NP - practising $649.70 $110.55


Now $89.78

RN - non-practising $87.60 - ​​- $87.60
NP - non-practising $120.45 - ​- $120.45
Employed student $189.80 - $66.41

Now $35.70


*P​​​rofessional liability protection includes GST.

As shown in the updated fee summary, the reduction in overall fees relates to the reduction in the mandatory professional liability protection (PLP) fee paid to the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS).

You can find out more about PLP and the provider, CNPS, on our website.

“Ideally the building would have been sold several months ago to provide more time for nurses to prepare for a fee increase.” Calnan explained, “Now that the sale of our building is complete, the Board’s approved payment to CNPS has been paid and fees for the current year and next two years of professional liability protection will be reduced before registration renewal opens on January 2, 2018.”


Explaining the original fee increase

Before the registration renewal period opens, health regulators must provide the Ministry of Health (MoH) with the fee schedule they will be charging registrants. The Board sought to delay setting the registration renewal fee until the final deadline with the MoH, in the hope that the sale of the building could be finalized and a reduced fee increase could be announced.

Because the sale of the building did not complete prior to this deadline, CRNBC had a responsibility to announce the fee increase in full. It is important to note that the Board’s decision to raise the CRNBC portion of the registration renewal fee by $98.55 is still necessary.

“We are pleased that we can reduce the overall fees for registrants, but this does not change fact that the College needed to increase fees for 2018-19,” said CEO/Registrar Cynthia Johansen. “As the work environment for nurses becomes more complex, so does the work of the College.

“These measures, along with the co-creation of a new single nursing college for B.C., is all part of a long-term strategy to mitigate against significant fee increases in the future,” said Johansen.

For more information about CRNBC's fee increase, please see the blog from Board Chair, Rob Calnan and CEO/Registrar, Cynthia Johansen. which answers some of the questions and comments nurses sent in around the fee increase.

If you have any questions, or feedback please use the feedback box on this page (and please include your email address so we can respond).

 Fee FAQs: Comparison with other regulators

What do RNs in other jurisdictions pay for registration?



Northwest Territories/Nunavut
Nova Scotia
British Columbia*$597.20*
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Prince Edward Island
​* updated: Dec.22
How do CRNBC’s fees compare to other B.C. health regulatory colleges regulated under the Health Professions Act?



Physicians and Surgeons
​Dental surgeons​$1,428
Occupational Therapists
Dental Hygienists
Psychiatric Nurses
Registered Nurses
Pharmacy Technicians
Licenced Practical Nurses$350

​(Figures do not incl. PLP or association fees)


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