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Understanding scope of practice

posted Jan. 4, 2018​​

Scope learning module u​pd​​​ated

The Understanding the Scope of Registered Nurses' Practice learning module was recently updated to reflect the changes made to the scope standards, which wen​t into effect in February 2017.

The Understanding Scope of Practice  learning module provides information and tools to help you explore the scope of practice standards for registered nurses. It begins with an overview of legislation and regulation and how these affect the RN scope of practice. The module highlights restricted activities that are outlined in the regulation in order to increase your understanding of how these apply to your practice.

In addition, there are learning activities throughout the module that provide an in-depth exploration of the Scope of Practice Standards for RNs with a focus on:

  • Acting within autonomous scope of practice
  • Acting with client specific orders
  • Giving clients specific orders  

Your increased knowledge will enhance your understanding and ability to apply CRNBC's standards, limits and conditions related to scope of practice as it pertains to your own practice setting and competence. Browse modules​

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