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Notice of cancellation: Gary Dromarsky

posted March 28, 2018

CRNBC on March 27, 2018, cancelled the registration of Gary Dromarsky of Victoria, B.C. Investigation determined that Mr. Dromarsky sexually assaulted a client in September 2017 then breached limits placed on his practice to protect the public. 


On Sept. 22 and 26, 2017, CRNBC received complaints about an incident involving Mr. Dromarsky, a home and community nurse with Island Health (VIHA) who also maintained a private foot care practice. The first complaint was from a member of the public who privately contracted with Mr. Dromarsky to provide foot care to his 73-year-old sister in her home. The second complaint was from Mr. Dromarsky's manager, who had received a complaint about Mr. Dromarsky's behaviour from that same member of the public.

CRNBC asked Mr. Dromarsky to sign an undertaking to protect the public; he voluntarily signed the agreement and was immediately subject to terms limiting his practice. Notice of the limits was posted on Oct. 12, 2017. The Inquiry Committee also began an investigation into the allegations.

On Dec. 20, 2017, the College received information that Mr. Dromarsky was in violation of his agreement with CRNBC. On Dec. 21, 2017, Mr. Dromarsky's registration was converted to non-practising, effectively barring him from working as a registered nurse.

A panel of the Inquiry Committee determined on Dec. 7, 2017, that Mr. Dromarsky's conduct fell at the most serious end of the spectrum of misconduct, with regard to both professional and sexual misconduct, and directed legal research to support a decision to cancel registration. The Inquiry Committee on Feb. 20, 2018, reconfirmed its Dec. 7, 2017, decision that Mr. Dromarsky's conduct was unsatisfactory, constituting sexual misconduct. The Committee was further of the view that Mr. Dromarsky breached the terms of his interim Undertaking and misrepresented the facts of the breach to the regulator, constituting professional misconduct.

On March 27, 2018, the Inquiry Committee issued its decision. Mr. Dromarsky's registration is cancelled and he is barred from reapplying for registration for at least five years. If reinstatement is sought in the future, this matter would be considered by the Registration Committee in relation to whether the requirement for good character was met.

Public protection

CRNBC reminds nurses and the public that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable. Upon receipt of the allegations, CRNBC immediately took steps to limit Mr. Dromarsky's practice, and to protect and notify the public during the investigation. Due to the public notice, Mr. Dromarsky's breach of the limits was discovered and his registration status was made non-practising. Upon conclusion of the sexual misconduct and breach investigations, CRNBC took the strongest possible action: cancellation of registration.

CRNBC has taken the additional and extraordinary step of reaching out to the media to ensure the public is informed that Mr. Dromarsky is not legally permitted to practise as a registered nurse in British Columbia, and that anyone considering hiring Mr. Dromarsky for private foot care services should exercise great caution. The College has also liaised with our partners at Island Health, the Victoria Police Department, and the Ministry of Health to ensure Mr. Dromarsky's conduct is public knowledge. Notification will also be placed in our Nursing Matters newsletter, sent to all nurses in B.C., as well as Regulation Matters newsletter, sent to employers.

CRNBC is satisfied that the actions taken will protect the public.

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