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Student Professional Awards

The Student Professional Award recognizes students who demonstrate the most potential for exemplifying professionalism in nursing.

CRNBC Student Recognition Awards program ending

As of July 31, 2016, CRNBC is retiring the Student Recognition Awards program. While the Student Awards Program is ending, CRNBC’s ongoing work with student nurses and educators remains an important focus of our regulatory work.

The tradition of student professional awards goes back almost three decades, having been established by the RNABC Board in 1988 to recognize professionalism in nursing. The award has recognized one student in each graduating class of an entry level registered nurse or nurse practitioner program who, in the opinion of the nursing education program director, has demonstrated the most potential for exemplifying professionalism in nursing.

Passing the torch to ARNBC

We are delighted to announce that the Association of Registered Nurses of B.C. (ARNBC) will be launching a student recognition program in the Fall of 2016. From its inception, ARNBC has reached out to students and included them as key part of their work, and we're delighted the Association will continue this long tradition of recognizing excellence in our profession.

Nursing students are the future of our profession. CRNBC looks forward to the continued success of the student recognition program in its new form.

Please visit the ARNBC website for more information or email

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