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April 2018

Nursing Matters | April 2018
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Nursing Matters

RN Edition

April 2018

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New nursing regulator: progress update
Witnessing vs. obtaining consent: what's the difference?
Conduct notices
Nursing updates
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New nursing regulator: progress update

It's official! We have an amalgamation date. On Sept. 4, 2018, the new nursing college will officially come into existence, and begin regulating licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses.

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Witnessing vs. obtaining consent: what's the difference?

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In the course of admitting Mr. Yan for same-day surgery, Susan notices the surgical consent form, typically completed at the surgeon’s office or the pre-admission clinic, is not signed. What does she do?

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It's all relative: caring for a family member
Working with limited resources
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Notice of cancellation: Gary Dromarsky

CRNBC on March 27, 2018, cancelled the registration of Gary Dromarsky of Victoria, B.C. Investigation determined that Mr. Dromarsky sexually assaulted a client in September 2017 then breached limits placed on his practice to protect the public.

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More information

Here's how CRNBC resolves a complaint
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Professional liability protection fee update

The Canadian Nurses Protective Society has announced a fee increase for the 2019 fee period. Here is what you need to know.

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Call for late resolutions for 2018 Annual General Meeting
Quality Assurance committee seeks public members
Notice of Annual General meeting
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Case study  Nursing in the social media age
News  One nursing college searches for new CEO
News  New process for ordering prescription pads
Recommended  Giving, changing or cancelling orders: what's your accountability?
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How much charting am I required to do? What do the standards outline?

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Sometimes we buy our patients gifts, is this appropriate? What should we consider?

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