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Strategic plan

2017–2018 strategic plan

Approved by the CRNBC Board at April 7, 2017 meeti​​ng.


Regulate registered nurses and nurse practitioners in the public interest.

Wha​​​​t we want to be known for

  • Right-touch regulation in the public interest
  • Building and maintaining the credibility of the nursing profession
  • Leadership and influence 
  • Partnership and collaboration

How we d​o it

As a relational regulator, CRNBC builds positive relationships by being transparent, respectful, inclusive, and accessible.

CRNBC's philosophy of relational regulation* is based on the following principles:

1. Right-touch Regulation: minimum regulatory force required to achieve a desired result
2. Just Culture: develop and deliver programs to help nurses make safe choices and learn from mistakes
3. Collaborative Self-regulation: enhance the individual professional and strengthen their contribution to the inter-professional team
4. Principles-based Approach: supports that encourage nurses to use their professional judgement
5. Continuing Professional Development: promote the enhancement of professional practice to benefit both the public and the nurse

*Relational regulation means that we believe it is possible to build genuine relationships with nurses and other stakeholders, while at the same time, regulate effectively in the public interest. Public protection and safety is our utmost concern, and we believe we can best achieve this through collaborative approaches with nurses and the health care community.

Relational regulation im​plies

  • We build strong relationships with nurses, the public and other stakeholders.
  • We keep things simple and communicate in easy-to-understand language.
  • We accept that mistakes happen and believe that open conversations with nurses and the health care community assists us in finding ways to promote safety and reduce risks. 
  • We use the right amount of regulation needed and only use it when necessary.
  • We use principles, rather than rules, to guide nursing regulation. 

Strategic themes for 2017-2018


CRNBC puts the public interest first.

As a result, we focus on regulatory work and make decisions based on public needs and societal expectations.


CRNBC is a relational nursing regulator.

As a result, we maintain our right to self-regulation for RNs and NPs, relational regulation is reflected in our programs and services, and other regulators emulate us.


CRNBC delivers a positive stakeholder experience.

As a result, our stakeholders understand our role, staff deliver customer service that is timely and relevant, and stakeholders believe and trust that we are genuine in our relationships.


CRNBC collaborates to find ways to improve the regulation of nursing professionals in British Columbia.

As a result, we will continue to fully collaborate with the other nursing regulators in BC to co-create a single nursing regulator for the province.

5. CRNBC leads progressive change on a national and international stage.

As a result, we invest time, energy and resources in the national and international initiatives that will impact those we protect in the short and long term.​

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